Review: The Ratio Notebook – A Revision Notebook Tailor Made for Law Students!


I don’t know about you guys, but I have heavy memories of last year’s exam period where I had meticulously ordered my revision cards with all my case notes, placed them in a box in my rucksack, only to get to uni to find the box hadn’t locked properly and my revision cards were now crumpled and jumbled at the bottom of my bag. Since then, I resorted to making notes in notebooks first with my own headings which was fine, but time consuming, so when I found out about Rama Publishing’s Ratio Notebook – purpose made to help you learn legal case studies. I have reviewed it and shared my photos of it below so you can have first hand insight into whether it would be something that would help you with your exams and lawyer-ly dreams!

The Ratio Notebook – Rama Publishing: Review by Legally Liana

Rating: 5 Stars


1. The Purpose

The purpose of the book is so clear – it follows the ratio method which it explains clearly at the front of the book, which I’ll explain to you quickly. The ratio method focuses on understanding why the decision for each case was made, as you need to show critical thinking and understanding, as well as the important facts. I love this idea because it means your revision is focused from day one – no learning useless extra bits of information, but instead focusing on the important facts you need in the exam.


2. The Design

The design is stunning. You can buy the notebook in three different colours (stone, blue or black). The paper in side is really good quality and thick enough but not so thick that the book is really clunky or heavy. It’s the perfect size for throwing in your handbag as it’s about the same size as an A5 notebook, and inside it has plenty of pages for recording your case notes. On the website, you can buy it in packs of three for a discount (as opposed to buying three separately) which is great, because I know I prefer to have a separate notebook for each law module so I don’t get my revision muddled up.


3. The Layout

The layout inside is really well structured to help guide your revision and to help visual memory recall. Each double-page spread has six headings to structure what it is you need to learn and help you to focus on learning the important bits of information, not the extra bits you don’t need. The six headings are:

Name (of the case)

Material Facts





The book also explains in detail what you should be looking to put under each heading for the legal cases you need to learn. This is really helpful because I often find some cases are very dense and detail heavy, with far more detail than you need in the exam, but I worry that I will cut out the wrong bits of information. The Ratio Notebook helps develop your critical thinking by making you think about which parts of the legal case are vital to understanding how it was applied and how the decision was made. The layout is probably my favourite thing about the book because it’s so unique, and Rama Publishing have clearly really thought about what law students need.

Potential improvements?

I love the A5 size as it is so handy to fit in your handbag, but I would love there to be a second A4 size version too because sometimes I like a bigger workspace to make my notes into more a mind map and so I would love a bigger notebook for that with the same headings. But that’s not really an improvement, more an extra I would love to see the brand design! Otherwise the Ratio Notebook honestly exceeded my expectations and I will be recommending it to all fellow law students and future lawyers!


Overall, I would recommend this book to any law student because it is both practical and stylish, and I haven’t found anything as thought through or well-designed as this elsewhere on the market! Thank you Rama Publishing!

You can buy it here

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