Legally Liana’s Mentoring Programme


The mentoring programme has launched!

Everyday I get messages from people asking me to review their application, send them CV templates, and talk through their options with them for law.

I try to share as much as I can on my blog, but sometimes answering all these messages is impossible.

As a result, I am opening up 5 places for aspiring lawyers to join the newly launched mentoring programme. One of the best ways to fine tune your applications for law, and to find your feet in the legal world is just to be able to talk to someone who has been through the same thing, and the advice that they got which got them to where they are.

Anyone can apply, however special preference will be allocated to those:

– who attended a state school for the entire of their secondary education

– who are the 1st gen of their family to attend university

– who have no known family contacts who are lawyers

– who have not yet undertaken a vac scheme or received a TC offer.

If you don’t meet these criteria then don’t worry – you can still apply, as you will get a chance to explain in your cover letter why you think mentoring would be valuable for you.

What to expect from mentoring?

– help and advice regarding CVs and applications

– advice on finding the right firm that suits you

– work experience and volunteering ideas

– general chats about anything and everything that you want to talk about with regards to uni, graduating, life, and working the world of law

– personal invites to valuable legal events

What to expect from you?

All I ask in return is for you to write a blog post or two about some of your experiences with trying to break into law, so that they might help others see that the journey could be for them!

How do I apply?

Send a CV (max 2 pages) and cover letter (max 1 page) explaining why you think mentoring could be helpful for you, and what you would gain from it to

The deadline is Friday 12th July.

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